Bewitching Women Series: Bewitching You, Haunting You, and Finding You! A sexy magical trilogy…

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Bewitching Women Series


ANGEL UNLUCKY, Book 2 in the Abby Angel Series, is now available!


“Sometimes bad things happen to good Angels…er, Angels who try to be good.

So my adventures continue…but not as I’d hoped. The tables have turned. My crush/best friend has moved on. And my unhealthy infatuation–a half-breed demon–has been avoiding me. Time for a change of plans. If only I could erase my mind of all men and stop the recent streak of bad luck. But first I suppose I should figure out how to assist my fellow Angels with Earth’s newest threat.”




5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. It’s 4:45am and I just finished you book, “Bewitching You”. I loved the story, the characters and the paranormal added a nice little twist. I live in Indiana very near the Amish so could visualize the surroundings just as you pictured them. Great read – can’t wait to get the next book in this series!

    • Thank you, Linda! I’m originally from Indiana and have relatives that are both Amish and ex-Amish, so I had to slip some of it into at least one of my stories. 😊 I appreciate you contacting me! Made my week! Happy 4th!

  2. Hi, Just finished Angel Vindicated yesterday and right away gone trough my iTunes to buy Angel Unlucky. Finished it just now. Both of books are well written, with fast action, and real feelings coming out of the pages. Words was almost flying past me and I was loosing myself in the books, forgetting about world around me. Honestly best serie I has read in past one year (if not even more than that). Thank you for creating it. Waiting impatiently for third part.. in mean while I might try your other serie.

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